Ultimate parenting guideline from gurukrupa school

“The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example”

Being a parent you have such a wonderful feeling in the world to grow your children. As a parent, you have so many dreams while you nurture them for our society. You teach a lot of things to your child how you behave in public or some basic manner of discipline. And it’s good for a child every time parents to be good at the child’s academic and other curriculum activities that they don’t teach basic manners.

gurukrupa school – best CBSC school in surat, is taking a little initiative to improve communication between parents and children, by sharing the ultimate parenting guideline. Every age group child has their own problem and solution also but as parents, you need to listen carefully and understand them if they are wrong in some manner then you should teach them properly what to do or not do.

As an age-wise we categories child

(1)  0-2 toddler

(2) 2-7 preschool

(3) 7-13 primary school-age child

(4) 13-18 teenage child

(5) 18-22- college-age child

In age group 0-2 in that time of period toddler is learning to walk, speak, eat, and seat. And that time of period is special for parents to enjoy being parenthood.

2-7 age group time child is already speaking, eat, seat, run, and understand what happens around them and that time is most important to learn themself, they learn automatically what’s happening around them that is a most sensitive time for them parents can’t miss behave in front of them or use any curse word or bad word for each other or for a child.

In the 7-13 age group, child primary school-age child goes to school and learn to so many things from school, friends and so many ways in that time curiosity level are high in that group. At that particular time, parents should appreciate their work and participation in any field. And as a curious mind, we have to properly answer them and as a parent, you should seat and talk to them about the school day and what they learn and what happens in school.

During the teenage time age of 13-18 their hormone changes in child and they don’t know what to do within the self that time parents should be given guidance about teenage time happen with every child and understand their problem voice change physical body appearance change the way he /she talks change their food or style change while teenage time. They have some short temper anger increasing. That is the most important time to talk with your child and understand their problem and resolve that.

While 18-22 age group child becomes responsible and understand what is right and wrong for them they can understand and we support their decision but not wrong one, as a parent we guide about what he/ she pursue not what their friends want that mostly child choose the wrong field because of their want to do and they have no idea about that profession and that decision goes wrong so parents should seat and talk to them for bright future and what they want to give proper guidance council about their future.    

                                  Indian parenting / western parenting guidance   

Firstly we are not any competition between both regions both have different cultures different upbringing style and they have a vast difference in parenting style.

First, we talk about Indian parenting

In Indian parenting, the whole family evolves in one child to give their best lesson of life and in India, people mostly lived in a joint family, and some of life in the neutral family but their values are good.in India, the Indian style of Parenting involves nurturing and disciplining a child. There are certain boundaries made to ensure the child’s best interests. These boundaries will be justified if parents give a valid reason for creating them

The definition of the meaning of life is better (not the best, it is best when the person finds that out by himself). It doesn’t concentrate just on materialistic success. Family values and how we should take care of elders, love the young ones and make friends with many people

As we have some sort of values in our lifestyle we don’t find happiness in materialistic things.

In Indian parenting old times, we remember in summer vacation time we spend more time in leisure time and so many things. In summer our grandparents take care of us and our cousins. We always live together. Meals No one dares to skip the meals. We always had punctuality. Our grandparents tell us every night some kind of story to learn something and implement in our life their story has some deep impact in our lives and we believe that makes us humble people and believe in karma to not do wrong things in life.

We have so many restrictions form our parenting side because they believe our nature most of us are notorious in childhood time and some extra care of mother (pun intended). But we have some Protectiveness for the children. Worry for their safety is a top priority on the list.

Now we talking about western parenting

In the western country, they have planned children and them so much freedom to do what they want from in the early days of school. In their schooling time, they access so many things what to do in our future and their proper guidance. Parents discuss sex education, climate changes topic and so more. Their personal and professional life is well balanced and they lived subtly.

Here are children who become self-sufficient and earn a very early age and they become responsible till 18 and they know their duties and rights what to do and what not. They have independence preference

During teenage times, they have learned so many things from their past mistake and learn better lessons. Parents give them a small task every day while in school or preschool age time they know to manage and learn discipline from that time of period. In college duration, they self-sufficient and earn some money to manage themself and the value of money.

In western country education system well manner and proper guidance about the education system to extra curriculum activity and make a good person in real life and some extra session of the real-life problem and learn so many things in life. In general statistics about the western country have more collage drop out a ratio that defines they have some very clear vision at an early age to prove something or do creative. They have all kind of back support from parenting side also and that’s the most important thing

There are so many things that disturb child development and affect child growth in all things.

Domestic violence

– bullied

Those are a major problem in child development things, we have some stats and graphs to how those things effect on child development on a physical and mental level.

1 domestic violence

graph domenstic violence agains childrens.

Domestic violence is played a major role in children’s life to disturb the whole life. The trauma they can’t handle it. The child has low self- esteem, regression, lack of trust, lack of social competence. Domestic abuse levels mainly three types of physical, verbal, sexual. Before 18 age their mental stress so high during those periods and they can’t focus on study, sleep, eat, etc. domestic violence has long term problems also high-level depression and increased tolerance for violence.

2 Bullied Do

impact of bullying on children

Source (https://americanspcc.org/targets-and-bystanders/ )

In schooling period highest level of a bullied child and they feel lonely and low self-esteem. The impact of bullying has injury, fear, depression & anxiety, risk of suicide, Bullied impact.

Source (https://shreegurukrupasankul.org/ )

Some parenting tips from our school and our

     Shree Gurukrupa Vidhya Sankul has some parenting tips for a parent to do and don’t.


– listen carefully while your child talks with you.

– appreciate your child’s work and effort, and tell them victory is not the destination.

– If your child does something wrong stop them and discuss that incident and why he/she do the wrong thing.

– You are the first hero your children do no wrong in front of them because they learn from you.

– Give some little responsibility and teach something new moral value of society to make a good human being

– take interest in child activity and their like and dislike, what they want to be in life.

– How many hours your child sleeps and what they eat and drink you should know if any kind of product harms their health then teach them that the product is not for them and give the right reason for that.


– Not use of bad or curse words in front of your child they might be learned from them.

– don’t smoke or drink in front of them it might affect your child.

– domestic violence is also played a major role in the child development effect so if you have some family problems or professional problems resolve that or discuss and end up there.

– don’t kill their curiosity about things and don’t ignore them while they are talking with you.

– don’t compare your child with others in any matter. E.g.: sports, education, music, etc.

– don’t use any taunt or the way you use sarcastic manner in talk with your child may affect their development.

– The tight schedule for them on the learning process at little age is hard for them to avoid too many things focus on a thing.

Nowadays parenting has grown up to a decade ago was different. Parents take more interest in the child’s all activity to their health care system, proper council for their growth, and take the right step. Talk a lot but always love them. Let them know you love them. Think about what you do and how it can affect your child’s feelings.

Talk about education nowadays parents are aware of which preschool or school we took admission of our child. How well a child is educated is ultimately the parents’ responsibility. If they’re handing responsibility to the school, they need to stay connected to how well the child is doing and talk to the teacher to keep on top of things. Parents are too friendly in the current generation and provide all kinds of amenities to grow their child development. Parent’s goal is for their kids to that they explore, learn, love, and figure out their strengths and interests. Along the way, they learned a love of family, values like right from wrong, morals, ethics, kindness, tolerance, and compassion. Parents try to give their children all the tools they need to become strong, healthy, and independent. They also hope their kids will have healthy relationships and meaningful, fulfilling careers.

Here are some nice tips by Shree Gurukrupa Vidhya Sankul that you may teach your kids at an early age

– Never make an issue of something that doesn’t matter.

– teach them how to be kind.

– Brush your teeth.

– Don’t run into the road.

– Setting appropriate boundaries.

– Allowing your child appropriate privacy and autonomy.

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