CBSE: Its Importance, Objectives and Areas of Focus

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most desired boards in India. It is the national board of the country. In this article we will discuss about various factors and reasons that make it a favorite among students and their parents.

What is CBSE Board?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was reorganized on 1 July 1962. The main office of the board is located in New Delhi. It is an independent body fully controlled by the Government of India. Through all these years, CBSE has established a good standard of education in India. With its impressive educational policies, CBSE has reformed the country’s education system.

CBSE associates all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, private schools and most schools approved by the Central Government of India.

The board has decentralized its administration which has helped it to execute its functions effectively and maintain educational standards across the country. Regional offices have been set up in different parts of the country to be more sensitive to affiliated CBSE School In Surat. Headquarters in Delhi eternally monitors the activities of these regional offices.

CBSE School In Surat | Gurukrupa School

What is the importance of CBSE Board?

  • With a centralized education system that is being controlled by a supreme body, CBSE maintains uniformity among all its students across India.
  • A certificate from the Central Board of Secondary Education is recognized in all colleges and educational centers across the country.
  • The education structure of CBSE allows you to study rigorously and develop skills at the same time.
  • CBSE follows a compact structure that makes CBSE syllabus easier than other boards.
  • It provides the child with the basic and general knowledge needed to move forward in terms of education.
  • When it comes to cracks in the important engineering and medical entrance examinations after class 12th, CBSE students have an edge over others as most of these exams are based on the CBSE syllabus.
  • This online education platform is a boon for those who cannot afford books or private tuition. They can easily acquire online study material and free advice from experienced teachers.
  • The CBSE board is recognized worldwide, making it easy for students to go abroad and pursue their studies from foreign universities.

What are the various objectives of CBSE Board?

  • To determine the conditions of examinations and conduct public examination at the end of class 10 and class 12
  • Grant of merit certificate to successful candidates of affiliated schools
  • To cater to the educational needs of students whose parents are employed in transferable jobs
  • Promote various academic and non-academic knowledge, skills and abilities that can help students make a successful transition from high school to college life
  • To determine and update the syllabus of the instructions of the examinations
  • To associate institutions for the purpose of testing and uplifting the educational standards of the country.

What are the main areas of CBSE?

  • Creating a student-friendly study pattern by introducing effective innovations in teaching and learning methods.
  • Improvement in examinations and evaluation procedures to produce unbiased results.
  • Promote skill learning among students by adding job oriented input.
  • To conduct various in-service training programs and workshops on regular basis to update the educative skills of teachers and administrators.

We can say that CBSE is a learning experience that works with the vision of overall development of a student, synchronizing its academics with various extra-curricular activities that can enhance the skill set of the student.

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