Advantages of CBSE Over State Boards

Whether to proceed your studies in CBSE or STATE BOARDS has always been debated. Today, we are going to look upon some Advantages that CBSE offers over GSEB, based upon the career paths your child wants to walk upon. This will make it easier for you to decide which board to go for from the Best School in Surat. But first, let’s gather some basic information about both the boards in brief.


Each State has its own Board of education, with its own set of rules and regulations. The syllabus varies from state to state and so if you move to another state you might feel like you are in a totally different educational environment. This makes it difficult for the students studying in state boards to crack exams of centralized institutions because their education pattern is non-familiar. On the other hand if he/she wants to apply in an institution in the same state it proves to be an upper hand in getting admission.


The Central Board for Secondary Education is the national board of the country. Its education pattern is centralized, by which it means that they follow the same set of rules and regulation. The decisions of the CBSE do not depend on any particular state.

All the major competitive exams like JEE and AIIMS are conducted by CBSE. Hence, if your child is studying in CBSE he has an advantage over the other students appearing for the exam.


  1. Everyone knows that the CBSE papers are bit tough when compared to the state boards, so most parents would refrain from selecting CBSE, but what it actually does is challenge a student’s mind and evolve his thinking abilities.
  • Secondly, the books are made more interactive and but the failing ratio of CBSE students is lower when compared.
  • The CBSE encourages the physical growth and students from the best schools perform quite well in extra-curricular activities like dance, sports,  etc.
  • Lastly, it provides more flexibility as it offers optional subject at various level of curriculum. Hence, the student is not forced into studying something he does not want to. This generates and promotes the level of confidence in the student.


Now, let’s have a look upon which facilities Shree Gurukrupa Vidya Sankul(SGVS) has to offer.

SGVS, which now is a trustworthy institute from almost 10 years, excels at training and guiding the children to become some of the most successful and ambitious students.

The School is Fully Air Conditioned and Digital which ranks it among the Top CBSE school in Surat which provide the similar facility. This also shows that the school copes up well with the latest introduced technologies and invests for the best student life. The school even has a huge playground and play zone and encourages physical activity by participating and hosting Events.

Moreover, the transportation with well-equipped GPS tracking ensures a student’s total safety and makes the school stand out in the competition with other Local schools of Surat.

No matter whichever board you personally prefer to pursue,  SGVS has got it all to give you the best level of education and to cultivate brilliant capabilities in their students.


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